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Robin Leadbeater

Postby Robin Leadbeater » Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:16 pm

I am Physicist by training and was a paper maker by trade (an R&D manager in the forest products industry) I got interested in the science side of astronomy when I retired in 2000, building my own cameras from webcam and video cameras which I used to dabble in many areas of observational astronomy. I also took a course in radio a astronomy, (mainly so could play with the dishes at Jodrell Bank!) and built a very simple demonstration radio telescope using a satellite TV receiver.

I started experimenting with spectroscopy in late 2002 using a simple transmission grating and from that I developed the Star Analyser filter cell mounted grating with Paton Hawksley Education, launched in 2005. In 2006 I bought a LHIRES III kit (#290) and in 2007 I attended the OHP workshop where I learned how to use it. I have since taken part in two Pro Am studies using the LHIRES; The 2008- 2009 WR140 periastron and the 2009-11 epsilon Aurigae eclipse, for which I am coordinating the archiving of all amateur spectra. I am based in the NW of England and am a member of my local Cockermouth Astronomical Society and the British Astronomical Association where I have often spoken at meetings on the subject of spectroscopy, encouraging members to try it.

LHIRES III #29 ATIK314 ALPY 600/200 ATIK428 Star Analyser 100/200 C11 EQ6
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