Periastron passage delta Scorpii

Periastron passage delta Scorpii

Postby Ernst Pollmann » Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:18 pm

Dear colleagues,
at the Salzburg conference VEGA 2019 our friend and professional astronomer Anatoly Miroshnichenko pointed out on the 2022 periastron passage of delta Scorpii. The attached Fig. describes some main information about this binary system.
I want to start a periastron campaign in order as early as possible to document the stability of our radial velocity measurements and if possible to find distortions (bumps, dips) within the Halpha line profile through a possible third body.
I ask interested observer to upload their spectra at BeSS and if possible to send a dublicate to me. I intend to determine the radial velocity with the program HRV-MM 2.1 by R. Bücke. Reference and check star for radial velocity stability of the used spectrographs should be again the star alpha Ser.
For more detailed information please use the link: ... ?id=342099

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