New Symbiotic candidate in southern sky

New Symbiotic candidate in southern sky

Postby Francois Teyssier » Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:44 pm

An alert forwarded by Robert Fidrich:
Spectra very welcome!

François T.

Dear Friends,

Gabriel Murawski discovered a new symbiotic variable candidates on the Souther sky:
Hen 3-860
Type: ZAND:
13 06 12.93 -53 22 52.5 (J2000.0)
Mag. range: 12.5 - <15.4: V
ASAS-SN light curve: ... 20plot.png ... 1869574d40
More details in VSX: ... oid=625154
Follow up observations and spectroscopy is required,

Robert Fidrich
Francois Teyssier
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