SN 2021hiz

SN 2021hiz

Postby James Foster » Wed Jun 02, 2021 8:04 pm

Here is a image and spectra taken of the SN2021hiz in IC3322A. I was surprised that it was so bright so I decided to do both imagery and visual spectra on it. I did try to take LISA IR, but there was almost no continuum right of H-alpha. Here is a clear (b&w) shot of the field taken with my CDK17 telescope and ST-10xme using an AO-8 to guide for a cumulative 50 minutes of exposing (Mt. Pinos, Ca at 2500 meters elevation):

Here is a Alpy600 spectra taken almost the same time of this Type Ia supernova:

Here's a link for more information at the SN website for this object:

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