A mag 16 planetary nebula spectrum!

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A mag 16 planetary nebula spectrum!

Postby Benjamin Mauclaire » Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:10 pm


During 2010 summer, I made spectrum of PK 60-07.1, the faint mag. 16 PN that hosts the famous star FG Sge.
The supergiant star FG Sge, is the nucleus of the faint planetary nebula PK 60-7°1. The central star FG Sge is unique as an extremely rapidly evolving post-AGB star with a late Helium flash on its way to the white dwarf stage.

http://bmauclaire.free.fr/astronomie/sp ... np/fg_sge/

This experience shows how deep we can go with our low resolution spectrograph, here a LHIRES3 150 g/mm.

Other PN spectra are available at:
with electronic temperature and densite measurement.

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