new problems happen in 5.0.3

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new problems happen in 5.0.3

Postby Firefly » Sat Oct 20, 2012 7:29 pm

Mr. Buil,

1]. "wavelength registration" Shall I check it at the beginning of treatment? Or after one treatment, check it then click Go again?

2]. click "Compare" button, then "..." button, there is no any database displaying out. So I can never see if water lines overlap well. PC only displays my working directory.

3]. ther are many kinds of databases, such as OHP,UVES,Pickles,etc.. Could you tell me which database shall be selected for which kind of object or situation? For a certain object, which database is the best for the final spectral treatment, if there is a type of principle for selecting the best one?

4]. please see the picture. I want to compare @pro1 and @pro12, but it failed. I guess if this has something strange to the button"Compare" in ISIS software, just like in problem 2. Before doing so, I have already checked wavelength registration and clicked GO. Is this the reason?

5]. I read the advanced tutorial and find that in button "Continuum" , the effect of auto1 is suggested and better than auto2. But in 5.0.3's tutorail, you suggest use auto2. I am so confused about this.


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