ARAS Eruptive Stars Letter 2017-06 (June-July 2017)

ARAS Eruptive Stars Letter 2017-06 (June-July 2017)

Postby Francois Teyssier » Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:42 am


Monitoring of Nova Cen 2017, Nova Sct 2017 (with an ATel produced by Paolo Berardi, Umberto Solleccchia and Woody Sims – Certification: Steve Shore)
Monitoring of SN2017eaw

Results of ongoing campaigns (CH Cyg, AG Dra, …)
New request from Margarita Korovska for R Aqr
And in September, V694 Mon for Jeno Sokolovski and Adrian Lucy


Augustin Skopal :
On the stellar wind from hot components in symbiotic binaries

Steve Shore:
Nova Sct 2017 – Study of the spectra obtained by ARAS group
IRAS 17449+2320 and other misdemeanors
Supernova spectra

The paper about the symbiotic outburst of AG Peg in 2015 is now published in A&A
Skopal, A.; Shugarov, S. Yu.; Sekeráš, M.; Wolf, M.; Tarasova, T. N.; Teyssier, F.; Fujii, M.; Guarro, J.; Garde, O.; Graham, K.; Lester, T.; Bouttard, V.; Lemoult, T.; Sollecchia, U.; Montier, J.; Boyd, D.

Several other publications (novae and symbiotics) are under preparation

Previous issues are downloadable:
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