P Cygni ARAS spectra database

P Cygni ARAS spectra database

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ARAS is the Astronomical Ring for Access to Spectroscopy. It is an informal group of people set in 2003 after the pro/am astrophysics school of Oléron organized by CNRS and AUDE association

As a reminder, ARAS is first a front web page:

You will find there lot of ideas of projects to run with your astronomical spectrograph.
I would like to highlight two newsletters published on regular basis:
Be stars: http://www.astrosurf.com/aras/surveys/beactu/index.htm
Eruptive stars: http://www.astrosurf.com/aras/novae/InformationLetter/InformationLetter.html
(whose content is broader than simply eruptive stars!)

ARAS is also a discussion group on Yahoo group you should join if not already done:

Alerts and request for observations are usually published on this discussion group.

For more permanent archive and more structured information, ARAS has also this forum.

Everyone can read this forum but you need to register and login to be able to post.

If you would like to join (which I highly recommend if you are doing astronomical spectroscopy; share here your work and your first steps!), contact Francois Teyssier <francoismathieu.teyssier- at- bbox.fr>.

This is THE place for spectroscopy, to get ideas, latest campaign information, exchange with others...

For stars for which an observation campaign is clearly identified - ie: one or more amateur(s) is (are) willing to help validating the spectra and coordinating the observation AND one or more professional(s) astronomer(s) show(s) some interest - a database exists to collect and archive the spectra. This is the ARAS spectra dataBase:

François Teyssier has done a tremendous job (really tremendous!) in setting up the dataBase using Excel spreadsheets and maintaining it - alone - since the beginning.

I have volunteered long time ago to be of some assistance and be responsible for the LBV stars (such as P Cygni) database.

Truth is that I have not been very confortable in using Excel macros and prefered to write my own MatLab code to do the dataBase web pages. They don't look exactly the same as Excel's one but are close enough.

Process is now in place (finally, I can hear François sigh of relief!) to receive spectra, check them and update the web page/dataBase.

There is a web page for the Luminous Blue Variables stars such as P Cygni:

I have also published on my blog more details on how I create those web pages and the associated tables & graphs:

Please check if all your spectra are there. If not, please email them to me following ARAS protocole (reduced spectra in FITS/BeSS format only, filename convention...).

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