Symbiotic Stars Monitoring - Current Status

Symbiotic Stars Monitoring - Current Status

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Current outbursts

CM Aql V = 12.6 (2020-11)
V1413 Aql V = 10.75 (2020-11)

Current Monitorings

AG Dra in quiescent phase (since mid-2018)
On the request of Rudolf Galis, Jaroslav Merc,
Target: at least one spectrum a month (low and high resolution)
Ephemeris: 2443629.17 + 549.73 x E
Update of the observations: 172 spectra during orbital cycle 27
Good coverage, unless missing echelle spectra from phase 0.50 to 0.85

AGDra-Monitoring.PNG (19.82 KiB) Viewed 1277 times

We have to reduce the seasonnal gap.
Phase 0.5 for the current orbital cycle: 2021 March, 1th


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