What would you like to see in Demetra ?

Re: What would you like to see in Demetra ?

Postby David Cejudo » Fri Jun 04, 2021 9:18 am


I would like to have the option of automatically warming up the camera at the end of a session. It maybe doable with scripts, but it could be easier if Demetra itself could do it directly.

I normally sit by the telescope, or from a nearby room, when using LISA with my telescope. But sometimes i am pointing at a faint object that may require several hours of imaging.
In that case, i take the calibration images, then start guiding and imaging the object. Then i could go to sleep as i can programm the telescope to stop and the roof to close, but i would also like Demetra to warm up the camera at the end. I can programm the camera to be switched off direcly, but i think a warm up is healthier.
Also, i could programm Demetra to exit and use another programm as CCDSoft or Artemis for the warm up, but doing it directly with Demetra would be easier and even more elegant.

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Re: What would you like to see in Demetra ?

Postby Francois Cochard » Wed Jun 16, 2021 8:05 am

Hello David,
This is an interesting question, that have already been discussed some time ago (not on this forum, I think).

Demetra controls the cameras through the ASCOM platform, which makes a universal interface between any camera and any software.

In this context, this is the responsibility of the Camera manufacturer (potentially through its ASCOM driver) to manage warm-up of the camera if this is required (he is the only who knows if this is required or not). If we would add a "warmup" feature in Demetra, how can we define what time we should take, what temperature steps, and so on (it would be dependant on each camera I guess).

Do you see what I mean ?

François Cochard (for Shelyak).
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