New version 1-6-0

New version 1-6-0

Postby Tim Lester » Thu Sep 16, 2021 1:14 am

A new version of PlotSpectra is available. There have been several small interface bug fixes and a couple of added features (see the revision motes).
There has been an important change regarding log plots. Prior to this revision data points with values <=0 were always stripped out when loading spectral files. This enabled log plots but it can affect the accuracy of measured line parameters where the spectrum is very noisy and the continuum is near zero and contains negative values. Log plots are now disabled by default and no data points are removed. If log plots are enabled in settings then zero and negative values will be stripped out and an alert will indicate the number removed as spectra are loaded.

Download link:!AvXqhKI5kEGRjEhdaQ6jaj8AHx_L

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