First starlight for my new echelle

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Re: First starlight for my new echelle

Postby Michel Verlinden » Sat Apr 17, 2021 3:00 pm

Hello to all,

Great news Joan ! I'm very curious to see the results with an optical fiber.
Would you tell us what kind of fiber you use ?
Is it a model with a silica core and high OH like this : ?

Michel Verlinden
Michel Verlinden
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Re: First starlight for my new echelle

Postby Joan Guarro Flo » Sun Apr 18, 2021 2:49 pm

Bonjour Michel,

At the moment I'm going to use the optical fiber that I used with the Mussol and Linx echelles, first I need to mount the optical elements, ( June, July? ), when all will be tested I'm going to seewhat is the best.

I believe that the interest for the echelle spectrographs will come back, it is possible that the first handicap is the price, but there are solutions for it. This is a background race, in the meantime we need to put our eyes on this C.Buil's job, , ( I think that we don't need to change our SC telescopes, sure the Newton ones are better, but we have what we have ).

We have one path to follow, and among other things we can deduce that our ATIKs or similar CCDs are a bit outdated. The new cameras are heavier and the weight is a persuasive reason in favor of the new NOU_T version.

Bien cordialement, Joan.
Joan Guarro Flo
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