Auto Atmosphere problem in ISIS

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Auto Atmosphere problem in ISIS

Postby Keith Graham » Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:15 pm

Hi All,

I am having an issue in ISIS when I check the Auto Atmosphere box in the General tab. While processing a spectrum with the Auto Atmosphere box checked, ISIS gets as far as “Divide by atmospheric transmission” and then stops with the error message that the atmo file cannot be found. However that file is actually in the proper folder, and other files ISIS seeks are also in that folder (my working directory) and are found with no issue.

Here is the data log that shows an interesting error:

Divide by the instrumental response : c:\aa wd lhires\IR

Object angular elevation : 66.16 degree
Air mass : 1.0666
Aerosol Optical Depth : 0.070
The atmospheric transmission is computed
Spectrum 1 - Elevation : 73.09 degrés - Air mass : 1.0451
Spectrum 2 - Elevation : 71.36 degrés - Air mass : 1.0552
Spectrum 3 - Elevation : 69.63 degrés - Air mass : 1.0666
Spectrum 4 - Elevation : 67.90 degrés - Air mass : 1.0792
Spectrum 5 - Elevation : 66.16 degrés - Air mass : 1.0931

Divide by atmospheric transmission : c:\aawdlhires\

Note the file location for Instrumental Response shows spaces between aa & wd and then between wd & lhires (c:\aa wd lhires\IR However the file it seeks for processing the atmospheric transmission shows no spaces between them (c:\aawdlhires\ The file location c:\aa wd lhires is my working directory. All other processing in ISIS correctly retrieves files from that folder. I cannot find any place in my settings where I indicate no spaces in WD folder in this location, so I cannot figure why the Atmospheris Transmission process is looking for c:\aawdlhires instead of the WD c:\aa wd lhires.

If I leave the box unchecked, the processing goes through without any problem.

Does anyone have an idea what is happening and how I can fix this?


Keith Graham
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Re: Auto Atmosphere problem in ISIS

Postby Paul Luckas » Tue Dec 04, 2018 6:51 am

Hi Keith,

Try removing the spaces from your folder names.


Paul Luckas
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