New publication based on ARAS spectra: MWC560 in 2016

New publication based on ARAS spectra: MWC560 in 2016

Postby Francois Teyssier » Wed May 08, 2019 8:09 am

A new paper has been published by A. Lucy & al.
Regulation of accretion by its outflow in a symbiotic star: the 2016 outflow fast state of MWC 560
It includes our colleagues Peter Somogyi and Umberto Sollecchia as co-authors.
and uses many spectra from ARAS database.
We are similarly indebted to all the other AAVSO, ARAS, and independent observers across the world whose work made this paper possible: H. Adler, S. Aguirre, T. Atwood, D. Barrett, P. Berardi, B. Billiaert, D. Blane, E. Blown, J. Bortle, D. Boyd, J. Briol, C. Buil, F. Campos, A. Capetillo Blanco, R. Carstens, J. Castellani, W. Clark, T. Colombo, A. Debackere, X. Domingo Martinez, S. Dvorak, J. Edlin, J. Foster, R. Fournier, L. Franco, J. Garlitz, A. Garofide, A. Glez-Herrera, K. Graham, C. Gualdoni, J. Guarro Flo, J. Foster, F. Guenther, C. Hadhazi, F. Hambsch, B. Harris, D. Jakubek, P. Lake, T. Lester, S. Lowther, C. Maloney, H. Matsuyama, K. Menzies, V. Mihai, J. Montier, G. Murawski, E. Muyllaert, G. Myers, P. Nelson, M. Nicholas, O. Nickel, S. O’Connor, J. O’Neill, W. Parentals, A. Plummer, G. Poyner, S. Richard, J. Ripero Osorio, J. Ritzel, D. Rodriguez Perez, R. Sabo, L. Shotter, P. Steffey, W. Strickland, D. Suessman, F. Teyssier, T. Vale, P. Vedrenne, A. Wargin, and A. Wilson. Many of these observers’ data were reproduced in Fig. 1. We apologize to any observers we neglected to acknowledge, with deep gratitude. We thank the staff of the AAVSO International Database and the ARAS Spectral Data Base, including E. Waagen and F. Teyssier.

Note: the current state of V694 Mon is very intertesting: high luminosity and desappearance of the strong high velocities absorptions. Observations of V694 Mon asap in september are strongly exhorted.

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Re: New publication based on ARAS spectra: MWC560 in 2016

Postby Benjamin Mauclaire » Wed May 08, 2019 2:43 pm


I hope Peter and Umberto had the possibility to have fruitful exchanges with mains authors to know more about V694 Mon physics.
And why not the possibility to extend their contribution in writing some part of the paper.

Nevertheless, it would be a feat that a draft submited to MNRAS on May 6 is accepted on May 8.
Work isn't yet finished before publication.

Clear skies,

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Re: New publication based on ARAS spectra: MWC560 in 2016

Postby Robin Leadbeater » Wed May 08, 2019 4:54 pm

The commercial spectrograph used by the ANS Collaboration on the 0.61m telescope operated in Varese
by the Schiaparelly Observatory looks interesting
It is a telescope mounted dual echelle (R~15000) and long slit (R~1000) with a carbon fibre body. I wonder how much it costs ?

Anyone know who they are? There are no details about the company on the website.

EDIT: more details here ... ovakia.pdf

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Re: New publication based on ARAS spectra: MWC560 in 2016

Postby Peter Somogyi » Wed May 08, 2019 9:08 pm


The article doesn't explicitly says, but my co-authorship is only observational (offered to me by the author), due to having observation in the ARAS DB at critical time with no others or professional optical spectra around (Umberto's case should be similar to mine). The author was more focusing on astrophysics (months of deep discussion), that I did not want to interfere (however, was glad to see the 1st time how such a discussion works). I was more concentrating on explaining the reailty of my spectra and my ISIS processing pipeline.


eShel spectroscopes are never cheap, so as the 0.61m scope.
What's important, to provide extra coverage when less expensive techniques do matter (see my comments above), with some proactive risk taking.
Since such a topic would lead too far, I'd suggest discussing coverage issues or spectroscope designs in another forum thread.

Thank you,
Peter Somogyi
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