Postby Tony Rodda » Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:07 pm

Hi Guys,
In the best tradition of Louis Sullivan's maxim "form follows function", Christian's
UVEX3 is in there somewhere!
It's printed in PETG+C, fitted with the prescribed Thorlab optics using a spare 600 l/mm
grating and with an Alpy airslit disc. I'll change that to the standard Alpy slit later.
It was very straighforward to print and setup following Christian's instructions. A bit fiddly perhaps!
I've shown the UVEX3 inverted to better explain the add-ons.
There's a screw adjuster for the grating lever. It's quite coarse at the moment but better than
the lever on its own and I have a micrometer to add later.
I've added a guider (16mm mirror and 17mm diameter 30mm focal length lens (stopped to 12mm),
a guide image is attached using a DSI3 (the same chip as an Atik314L or SXVH9).
I've built a 'calibration unit' using an OAG with the prism reversed and adjusted so that the prism
sits central in the light cone when manually dropped into place. The power source is a miniture
circuit that can generate 600V+ from a 9V battery driving a halogen for flats and a "different"
Relco type bulb, picture attached. That attached plot is using the two bulbs with identical exposure times.
The bulb is a little larger than the 'standard' Relco and is Argon only.
The UVEX3 works very well on the bench but the weather here is miserable and I haven't been able to commission
the spectroscope yet. :o(
Thank you for this spectroscope Christian.
Onwards and upwards!

The complete unit

The 'large' relco bulb.

Calibration plot
BigRelco.jpg (145.69 KiB) Viewed 1149 times

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Postby Christian Buil » Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:18 pm

Enjoy Tony !

You are one of the first in the world to have successfully built a UVEX outside the design group in France. Congratulations!!!

I have the impression that the spectrograph is correctly adjusted. Using a 600 lines/mm grating for the blue/UV part of the spectrum is a fine initiative.

Good first tests on the sky!

Christian Buil
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Postby Stephane Ubaud » Wed Jul 24, 2019 6:16 am

Congratulations to you, Tony
it's too much to see other people take ownership of the project.
We're waiting for your spectra on the sky, but the line profile of the Relco lamps seems promising. Can you tell us a little more about the calibration module and the guidance module. Photos, Plans ... We also developed a module dedicated to UVEX, being shared.




bravo à toi, Tony
c'est trop fort de voir d'autres personnes s'approprier le projet.
On attend tes spectres sur le ciel avec impatience, mais le profil de raies des lampes Relco semble prometeur. Peux tu nous en dire un peu plus sur le module de calibration et le module de guidage. Nous aussi on a développé un module dédié à l'UVEX, en cours de partage.



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